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In order to provide this free service we have a few common sense rules and service guidelines. All site administrators are responsible for understanding the terms of service (TOS) and adhering to them.

Violations of the TOS will be grounds for immediate removal of a site from this list.

Terms of Service Summary

We cater to open family-friendly sites (and forums) only.

Sites and forums may not contain spam or excessive profanity, and may not focus on any illegal or offensive topics including, but not limited too, violence, hate, hacking, warez, porn, drugs, weapons, alcohol or tobacco. Also due to legal issues, we can not accept Habbo Retro/Habbo Hotel themed sites. The list administrator/owner has final say on what is deemed inappropriate.

No ad units or popups of any type may be added to this site. Also sites and forums may not be used in conjunction with autosurf or traffic packages or any automated access. We are advertisement supported.

No external advertising may be added to any site or forum including PPC or other advertising units or any kind of popup, unless the 'PREMIUM' upgrade has been purchased.

Abandoned sites may be removed.

Terms of Service Details

All sites should be family-friendly in nature with no illegal, offensive, "adult" or vice-related subject matter.

We require that site administrators take steps to prevent their boards from being used to spam or promote spam of any type. We strongly recommend that forums are configured to require registration for posting, and that account activation utilizes the email activation and security code features that are built into the software.

If you alter the source code of any site or try and re-direct any site this is explicitly against our TOS and you could be subject to legal proceedings under the Laws of the US. Adding any code into your site without written approval from us constitutes a breach of TOS too.

Site admins should never use spam techniques to promote their site. Signing up to unrelated sites is an example.

Administrators are responsible for compliance with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA), which requires individuals under 13 to provide a release form from their parents.

Excessive profanity or swearing is not allowed.

Sites and boards may not discuss topics promoting violence, hate, intolerance, hacking, cracking, warez, pornography, "adult" themes, illegal drugs, legal drugs, gambling, guns, knives or other weapons, alcohol, tobacco or smoking.

Sites and forums must not be used as the target of "traffic blast" packages or in autosurf networks, or with any other system that artificially boosts or creates automatic pageviews.

Sites must retain a certain level of activity. sites that have had no new votes or no administrator login in the past 90 days will be considered abandoned and may be removed.

Sites and forums may include advertisements added by the system, unless the 'premium site' upgrade has been purchased. Protection Status